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Coursera Course | Financial Aid | How to get Financial Aid Free course in Coursera

Coursera is a very well known platform for top skill online courses with certificate that globally acceptable. Some courses are free and some are paid in that platform.

This is the following process
I gonna tell you about the scheme of

" Financial Aid  Apply Process Step by Step"

Step 1. Log in to and select the course you want to Enroll for free through Financial Aid.

Step 2. Below course details and Enrollment Button you will see a "Financial Aid Available" option.
click on it.

Step 3. Then click " Continue to the Application"

Step 4. After that tick Terms and Condition Box.
and Then copy Paste "I agree to the terms and condition".

Step 5. Then fill your details perfectly, as mention below. Keep mind always fill annual income 0. Because you are a student. Not your family Income.

Step 6. Then you have to fill why you need this Financial Aid in 150 word. for that you can copy paste from my answer below. 

Step 7. Then you have to fill a question how the course help you.

Question answer you can follow or copy paste !!

Q1. Why are you applying for Financial Aid? (150 words minimum required)  

I want to learn the course “A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment". I think this course will very helpful me.

I’m a student, and I don’t have any job to pay for the certificate. It is very challenging for me to arrange such an amount of money for the course. The only option for me to learn this course and get certified is the Financial Aid application. Financial Aid will help me complete this course without having an impact on my monthly needs. Three persons in my home are in High school, and my other brother and I are at the college stage. The only person who is earning and paying for educational expenses is my Father. If I add up the Coursera’s courses, it will bring difficulties for my family members to pay for the educational expenses. Completing a course from a top university through Coursera will help me get a bright future. If I complete this course, it will help me add a bonus point to my resume, which will help me get jobs easily. Not only for the resume, but I’m also willing to learn the course and want to understand all its majors.

Q2.How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals? (150 words minimum required)

This specialization will also make my CV eye-catching, and also a verified certificate will make me more credible and increase my chances of getting a job. I’m a student, and I don’t have any job to pay for the certificate. My family is not able to pay the monthly educational expenses.  It is very challenging for me to arrange such an amount of money for the course. The course offered by Coursera will help me study this course well and implement it in real life. If I get a job by taking this course, I will be able to help my family with the monthly expenses and educational expenditures. Coursera is the best medium for me to learn this growing technology, and also it will help me increase my knowledge in the emerging tech world. These courses will help me attach credibility to my certificate and boost my progress in my career.

------Let's go to next step------

Step 8.    Here you have to answer why you are not able to a afford a low interest educational loan.
Also for that i give my Answer below. You can follow or Copy Paste that. Its Your Choice.

Last question Answer

Q3. Would you consider using a low-interest loan to pay for your courses?

I’m studying, and I’ve no job. Due to Lockdown and COVID my family has no income. My family is not able to pay the monthly educational expenses. If I add the Coursera courses certificate expenses, it will be tough for them to carry the costs. I can only invest my time in these courses, and I’m willing to learn these courses. I’ll do my best to complete this specialization.

Step 9. After fill all the Application you have to Submit it by Clicking "SUBMIT APPLICATION".

Step 10. After submitting your Financial Aid Application, you will get a confirmation mail from Coursera.

At Last.   If you are Eligible for financial Aid , then you will get a mail with in 15 days.

That's the full process to get a paid course totally free with certificate through Financial Aid Scheme Of Coursera.


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