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Finally, the PPR i.e. Post Publication Review process of MAKAUT University, West Bengal for Even semester exam has started today from 28th August. We are excited to inform you about an important opportunity regarding the Post Publication Review (PPR) for the even semester examinations of 2022-23.

This Post will guide you through the process of filling up the PPR application form and ensure that you avoid any potential mistakes. So, read on to make the most of this chance to review your exam papers.

MAKAUT (Notice) for PPR Review Form Fill Up Fees Important Dates
MAKAUT (Notice) for PPR Review Form Fill Up Fees Important Dates

The Exam Controller and University Body already Issued a Notice regarding PPR for Even Semester Examinations 2022-23, Ref. No. COE/MAKAUT,WB/PPR (Even Sem 2022-23)/23/2023 Dated 25.08.2023.

Important Dates for MAKAUT PPR

Before we delve into the form fill-up process, let's take a look at the schedule for the PPR application submission:

Commencement of availability of PPR Application Forms in the University Examinations Portal 28th August, 2023 (Started)
Last date of submission of on line form by the students 30th August, 2023
Last date for verification of form by the College 31st August, 2023
Last date for payment by the students through online only. 1st September, 2023 6:00 PM
Fee for PPR is Rs. 200/- per paper code.

Please mark these dates on your calendars to ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity.

Application form would be available in the student’s and college login for all enrolled students of all the even semester 2022-23 of all programs of UG and PG courses.

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The PPR Form Fill-Up Process

The process to fill up the PPR application form is quite straight forward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Access the University Examinations Portal: Visit to access Official Student Dashboard.

  2. Student Dashboard Log In: Then Choose "Exam Form Review" for PPR application form. Direct Link:

  3. Fill in Your Details: Log in using your student credentials and navigate to the PPR application form. Enter all the required details accurately.

  4. Smooth Submission: If you encounter any difficulties while submitting the form, don't worry. Your college administration is here to assist you. They can help ensure a seamless submission process upon your request.

  5. College Verification: Once you've submitted your form, the college will verify the information. This step is crucial for the next stage of the process.

  6. Online Payment: After successful verification by your college, you can proceed to pay the PPR fees online from your student account.

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Avoid These Common Mistakes

While filling up the PPR application form, it's important to avoid some common mistakes that can lead to unnecessary delays or complications. Make sure to:

  • Double-Check Information: Ensure that you enter all your details and Select Paper accurately. Mistakes in your Selection might lead to issues with verification and payment.

  • Respect Deadlines: Stick to the mentioned deadlines. Late submissions might not be accepted.

  • Consult Your College: If you're unsure about any part of the process, don't hesitate to ask your college administration for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply for PPR if I've opted for Supplementary Examinations?

A: Unfortunately, students who have opted for Supplementary Examinations are not eligible to apply for PPR.

Q: Is the PPR fee the same for all courses?

A: Yes, the PPR fee is Rs. 200/- per paper code for all programs. As and Example, if you want to Review 3 Paper you have to Pay (200*3)=600 Rupees Only.

In conclusion, the PPR review form fill-up process is a valuable opportunity for you to review your exam papers and potentially improve your scores. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided in this notice and avoid any mistakes that could hinder the process. Best of luck with your PPR applications!

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