Autonomous vs MAKAUT Affiliated - Which College is more valuable in WB ?

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Autonomous vs MAKAUT Affiliated - Which College is more valuable in WB ?

Hello Friends in todays Blog, I will Discuss about Autonomous or MAKAUT Board Affiliated Colleges, Which one is Good for you.
I will Compare Between this two types of College in Field of Education Quality, Results and Finally Placement.

What Is AUTONOMOUS college ?

A collage or Institute is called Autonomous which is also approved by the council (AICTE), But it is not Under any University. It conduct its Own Semester Examination, Maintain Own Question Pattern and Take Decision Independently.

MAKAUT Affiliated College or Approved by Any Board or University?

This Type of College is Also Approved by Council (AICTE) But they are Under any Specific University or Board Like MAKAUT. They have to maintain Rules According to Its University. 
Their Exam, Semester, Question Pattern All are Maintain Under that University (MAKAUT).

✅ Benefits Of Autonomous College:
  • Being a Autonomous College Its Education Quality is Better Level. You Will Learn Lots of Personally.
  • It has No Presser of Attendance of 80%, mostly 50% Attendance is Sufficient. So you can Get Extra Time to Develop Yourself in Soft Skill or Knowledge.
  • You’ll have a great student life filled with learning curve. 

✅ Benefits of affiliated colleges, MAKAUT:
  • You will Have a Particular Question Pattern, So that You will Get Common from Previous Years Questions and Get Old Books, Organizer Easily.
  • Your Overall Marks Percentage will Better than a Student from Autonomous College. So, You have more option to seat for Job Interviews. That means You can see better Placement.

❎ Disadvantages of Autonomous College:
  • Mostly there has no Stable Question Pattern, Year to Year it can vary. So Students faced problem of Particular Suggestive Reading.
  • They Also Make Question in their own College, so Question Paper might little tough compare to Affiliated Colleges.
  • Student's Overall Marks Reduce Little Bit, So many middle class Students can not attempt for Job Interviews.

❎ Disadvantages of Affiliated College:
  • Attendance is a big Scam in Affiliated Colleges. You Have to Maintain 75-80% Attendance. So can not get Extra time for self preparation.
  • Sometimes the subjects are outdated, so it Feel Boring in Study.
  • Sometimes You Have some Extra Presser of MAR like Activity. 

I have Just Compare my Point of View, It May differ Person to person.

Finally, I will Suggest you If you want Quality Education Then take Admission in Autonomous College or If You want Good Grade and Prepare for Competitive Exam Then You Can choose Affiliated Colleges like Under MAKAUT.

It Totally Depends on You. Thanks For Visiting, If it is Helpful then Share With your Friends.

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