MAKAUT Odd Sem Exam Procedure (Notice) 1st/3rd/5th/7th Semester

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MAKAUT Odd Sem Exam Procedure (Notice) 1st/3rd/5th/7th Semester

MAKAUT Odd Sem End Semester Examinations 2022‐23 Procedure

This is for information of all concerned that appropriate authority of the University has decided the following in respect of Odd Semester End Semester Examinations 2022‐23:

1. Mode of end semester examinations:

It is decided that end semester examinations would be conducted in offline mode in 32 page answer scripts specially designed for digital evaluation purpose.

The practical and sessional examinations would be held at respective college as per earlier practice.

2. Final question pattern for end semester examinations:

The question pattern would be of (i) 10 out of 12 of 1 mark each very short answer/MCQ etc, (ii) 3 out of 5 of 5 marks each of short answer type (iii) 3 out of 5 of 15 marks each of long answer type totaling 70 marks as per original format.

3. Question paper delivery to the colleges:

It is decided that question papers would be delivered to the colleges as protected digital version of question papers through the examination portal on the day before the examinations and the password would be made available on the day of examinations.

4. Printing facility in the colleges:

The process of delivery of question papers in digital mode has already been piloted in PG programs in last offline examinations. The matter of developing printing facility for this session has already been informed to the colleges through workshops conducted physically in different parts of the state in last semester. Colleges would ensure printing facility of the question papers accordingly. The printing cost would be reimbursed to the colleges @Rs 1.00 per page.

5. End Semester Practical Examinations process:

The practical and sessional examinations would be held at the college level during the time specified by the University. The examiners for practical examinations would be engaged by the head of the institution of the respective colleges. However in case of exceptional cases University may deploy monitoring process /engage external examiners as per requirement for quality purpose.

6. End Semester Theory Examinations process:

All theory examinations would be held at the respective colleges. University examination portal will facilitate to generate seat arrangement, online attendance submission, top sheet generation etc for conduction of examinations. Dispatch of answer scripts packets and collection in central hub would be tracked through mobile app developed for this purpose.

7. Monitoring of examination halls of the colleges through CCTV:

It is decided that examination halls of the colleges would be covered with CCTV and would be monitored from the central control room of the University. Most of the colleges already had installed CCTV during last offline examinations and was monitored from University successfully. The matter of installation of CCTV was again appraised during the workshops with the colleges in last semester.

The control room from where question papers would be printed and answer scripts would be packed also need to be under coverage of CCTV.

8. Engagement supervisors during examination days:

It is decided that University would send external resources to the examination centers who would supervise and monitor the digital facilities and examination process during end semester examinations.

University may engage special roaming team for surprise visit as per requirement. Zonal centers of the University may be utilized for organizing such purpose.

9. Assessment of answer scripts of the end semester examinations:

All used answer scripts after examinations would be taken to central hub at University in duly sealed packets for the purpose of scanning the scripts. Scope of using zonal scanning centers would also be explored. After scanning, the scripts would be uploaded in the digital evaluation portal for evaluation by the examiners in distributed mode. Examiners would be engaged from the pool of faculties in the affiliated colleges. It will be mandatory to participate in the assessment process by the examiners of the affiliated colleges.

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10. Examinations of 1st Semester and 3rd Semester (programs with lateral entry scheme):

It is fact that admission process of lateral entry students are not over till date and registration process of all such students are not completed till date. Conduction of examinations for such students without registration in the University and enrollment in the semester is not possible.

It is therefore decided that all end semester examinations of all such 3rd semester programs where lateral entry scheme is applicable (Like B Tech, B Pharm, B Arch etc) the examinations would be conducted in February 2023 along with the 1st semester examinations.

All other examinations of 3rd semester would be held in the month of December 2022 along with examinations of 5th and 7th semester.

11. Truncated Academic Schedule for 1st Sem and 3rd Sem (programs with lateral entry scheme):

The end semester examinations would be conducted in the month of February so as to complete all examinations within 15th February 2023 and to commence classes of all 2nd semesters from 16th February 2023 onwards.

There would be 3 CAs for all 1st semester and programs with and lateral entry schemes (CA2, CA3 and CA4).

In case of delay of registration and enrollment process, colleges would be advised to complete CAs as per calendar below and upload all records in the University portal as and when the enrollment process is completed and provision is created.

  • CA2/PCA1 to be completed during 23.11.22 to 26.11.22
  • CA3 to be completed during 21.12.22 to 24.12.22
  • CA4/PCA2 to be completed during 17.01.23 to 21.01.23

MAKAUT Exam Procedure (Notice) 2022-23 - Details Video

End semester examinations for all 2nd and 4th semesters would be conducted with all other even semesters in the month of June 2023 as per University academic calender.

This notification is exclusively for the college authorities issued on approval of the competent authority. They may inform relevant portions to the students through their college notification. For any clarification, please contact/visit office of the Controller of Examinations.


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