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When it comes to semester exams, maintaining fairness and integrity is crucial. That's why MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal) have put in place guidelines and rules to prevent exam malpractice. 

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In this post, you will get detailed Information for semester exam malpractice guidelines, exploring their importance, the challenges they tackle, and the steps taken to ensure academic honesty.

MAKAUT RA in Semester Exam Paper Cancel Rules for Misconduct/Malpractice
MAKAUT RA in Semester Exam Paper Cancel Rules

MAKAUT RA Rules: Misconduct/Malpractice

An Invigilator is required to be alert at every moment so that no student can adopt malpractice during the examination.

A candidate shall be held guilty of misconduct or malpractice (constituting misconduct) if-

  1. He is found to be in possession inside the examination hall of any book, or page of any book or scribbling, or written note, or typed sheet, that may have a bearing on the subject in which he is appearing.
  2. He leaves the examination hall without submitting answer-script, or
  3. He leaves the examination hall before one hour, taking with him answer-script or carries from the examination hall question paper during the hours of examination without submitting the answer- script or gets possession of question papers outside the examination hall during the hours of examination or is not found in possession of complete question paper after its distribution in the examination hall or passes or tries to pass the question paper out of the examination hall or leaves the examination hall taking with him blank answer paper or loose sheet.
  4. He allows somebody else to be present in the examination hall and to write answers on his behalf during examination.
  5. He leaves the examining hall without recording his attendance on the attendance roll.
  6. He encloses currency note(s) with an answer-script or offers illegal gratification or inducements to the Invigilator(s) or other persons connected with the examination or, in anyway, tries to take illegal or unfair advantages, or
  7. He distorts his name, roll number or registration umber in his answer-script.
  8. He is found to be in possession of any question paper or any other paper containing relevant answer or answers written on it. 
  9. He indulges in any kind of misbehavior, or intimidates, or assaults, or attempts to assault, or intimidates an invigilator or any other person connected with the conduct of the examination either inside or outside the examination hall, or damages, or attempts to damage, articles or furniture, equipment, stationary or any other property or the venue or creates disturbances in the venue or refuses to comply with the instruction of the Centre Supervisor or Invigilator regarding seating arrangements with any other or requirements in the examination hall.
  10. Any page(s) of the written answer-script(s) of a candidate is/are found to have been replaced/torn/mutilated or found to contain handwriting different from that of the candidate.
  11. He attempts to violate any other provisions of these regulations, or If he discloses his identity in any manner other than that provided in the answer-scripts.

Nature of Malpractice in MAKAUT Semester Exam

Based of Different Malpractice it is classified into 3 Categories -

Category 1:

  • Writing erratic/irrelevant matters
  • Writing obscene language/sketches
  • Disclosing the identity in the answer script and/ or requesting for specific marks
  • Writing wrong Roll Number
  • Leaving examination Hall without permission/not signing in the Attendance-sheet

Category II :

  • Possessing Printed/Handwritten Notes B. Copying or helping in copying
  • Manual/Group copying
  • Possessing text-book/sizeable handwritten/printed text
  • Attempting to bribe/writing letter hinting at illegal gratification
  • Mutilating the answer book issued

Category III :

  • Misbehaving/Threatening Examination Official or Other Examinees/Smuggling out Question paper
  • Receiving outside help
  • Assaulting Examination Officials
  • Indulging in/inciting anything other than normal
  • Smuggling in/out answer script or attempting to do so 
  • Tampering with answer book issued and replacement of pages
  • Impersonation or helping others to impersonate

Note: The officer-In-Charge shall use his discretion in respect the steps to be taken in case of any other type of malpractice not mentioned above.

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Recommended Punishment:

Category I - Cancellation of paper

Category II - Cancellation of paper A,B,C,D | Cancellation of entire examinations of the semester in case of E,F

Category III - Cancellation of entire semester examination with debarment from appearing in any examination for 1 or OR 2 years excluding the current examination.
Rustication from the University for 1, 2 or 3 years.

MAKAUT RA in Semester Exam Paper Cancel Rules
MAKAUT Recomended Punishment for Malpractice

MAKAUT RA Rules & Guidelines (Official Website)

MAKAUT RA Semester Exam Rules Online Notification Site
[Visit the Online Application Portal from Above Section to Download Details Notification.]

Steps to be followed for a student who is detected while Indulging in malpractice.

  • The answer script, together with support material used in the act of malpractice, if any, be ceased by the invigilator/Supervisor/Officer-in-Charge.
  • The student should be asked to fill in the unfair practice form and sign the same before the invigilator/ Supervisor/Officer-in-Charge concerned. No verbal argument etc. shall be entered into.
  •  A fresh answer script be issued to the student after writing on the first inside page, the time of issuance of the said answer script by the invigilator et al. No signature on the page shall be made. The student shall be allowed to continue with the examination.
  • The first answer book, along with the unfair practice form duly completed by invigilator/Supervisor/ Officer-in-Charge and the offending materials ceased in the Centre, be packed in a sealed envelope and conveyed to the Controller separately.

FAQs on Semester Exam RA Rules

What is RA in MAKAUT Semester?

RA means Reported Against, if any student malpractice of caught doing Cheat in Exam Paper or misbehave with the invigilator, The Invigilator has full rights to report against the student to respected Authority. this may cause paper cancellation also further punishment.

What does RA mean in Marksheet?

If you have shown RA in your marksheet,  it means you have been reported during your semester exam and your Paper has Canceled.

In conclusion, semester exam malpractice guidelines are instrumental in upholding the integrity and fairness of the examination process. These guidelines serve as a safeguard against cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of misconduct, ensuring that students are assessed based on their genuine knowledge and abilities.

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