MAKAUT CA Exam New Update 2023-24! Notice for Colleges Regarding Assessment

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In a significant step towards promoting transparency and improving the assessment system, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), West Bengal, has issued a notification to all affiliated college principals and directors.

MAKAUT CA Exam New Update 2023-24! Notice for Colleges Regarding Assessment
MAKAUT CA Exam New Update 2023-24! Notice for Colleges Regarding Assessment

The notification addresses concerns related to the non-submission of question papers, inadequate evaluation of answer scripts, and the use of mobile phones during CA4 examinations.
These measures aim to uphold the integrity of continuous assessments, ensure the authenticity of evaluation processes, and enhance the overall quality of technical and professional education in the state.

Notice Ref. No. COE/MAKAUT,WB/14/2023
Date 18th May 2023
Subject Non-Submission of Question Papers, Non-Evaluation of Adequate Answer Scripts, and Use of Mobile Phones during CA4 Examinations
Focus Areas Continuous Assessments, Quality Education, Examination Integrity

MAKAUT Improving Assessment Quality: Continuous Assessment & Semester Paper Check

1. Duplicate/Copied Documents During Data Upload in CA1/CA2 Report/Presentation

Instances of duplicate or copied documents were identified during the data uploading process for CA1 and CA2 exams.

2. Lack of Participation in CA3 and CA4 Exams

Forged Attendance Sheets: Some colleges uploaded forged attendance sheets, allowing students to appear for exams from outside the college premises.

Participation in CA3 and CA4 exams by students from certain colleges was reported to be low.

3. Use of Mobile Phones During Examinations

Students were found using mobile devices during CA4 examinations, which led to concerns about academic integrity and participation verification.

4. Plan to Restrict Mobile Device Usage

The use of mobile devices during exams will be restricted or discontinued from the next academic year. Strategies will be implemented to ensure students' presence in college during the exams.

5. Negligence in Paper Setting and Copying from the Internet

Non-Submission of Question Papers: Some colleges failed to submit question papers on time for the examinations.

Some colleges exhibited a casual approach in selecting paper setters, and faculty members directly copied questions from internet resources.

6. Non-Participation in Answer Script Evaluation

Certain colleges did not properly evaluate a sufficient number of answer scripts for the examinations. In the last semester, several colleges did not participate in the evaluation of answer scripts for semester examinations.

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MAKAUT Notice for Colleges Regarding CA (PDF)

MAKAUT Notice for Colleges Regarding CA COE/MAKAUT,WB/14/2023 18/05/2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the major areas where colleges need to provide direct support in the examination system?

A1: Colleges need to provide direct support in the areas of continuous assessments (CA), including the collection of question papers and evaluation of answer scripts digitally.

Q2: Will the use of mobile devices be allowed during CA4 examinations in the future?

A2: No, the use of mobile devices during CA4 examinations will be restricted/discontinued from the current academic year. Colleges are advised to arrange adequate infrastructure for students to take the exams in college labs/classrooms.

Q3: MAKAUT CA Mandatory in assessment and evaluation?

A3: MAKAUT has decided to make attendance in CA3/CA4 mandatory from the current academic session 2023-24.

Q4: What actions will be taken if colleges do not comply with the evaluation requirements?

A4: If colleges fail to evaluate a close number of scripts produced by their institution, the results of such colleges will be kept on hold. Appropriate measures will be taken by the university to address the non-compliance.

Q5: Is MAKAUT CA4 compulsory?

A3: Yes, MAKAUT CA4 is Now mandatory from the current academic session 2023-24.

With MAKAUT's dedicated efforts and the support of affiliated colleges, the examination system is poised to witness greater integrity, transparency, and quality.
The university looks forward to the collaboration and commitment of all stakeholders to further enhance the educational landscape of West Bengal.


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